Perioperative Consulting

Cheryl Barratt Associates is a national perioperative consulting company. Whether you manage multiple operating rooms in a vast health system, an integrated delivery network (IDN), a single hospital, or an ambulatory surgery center, Cheryl Barratt Associates can help your organization:

  • Implement physician alignment strategies needed to enhance surgical market share
  • Enhance performance management and throughput via productivity improvements and workflow redesign
  • Maximize operating room and block time utilization, while enhancing the patient AND physician experience
  • Improve financial performance by reducing clinical variation and implementing supply and purchased services expense reduction strategies across the continuum
  • Transition Perioperative Services from a volume-based to a value-based care model by leveraging transformational evidenced-based quality improvement protocols
  • Design Perioperative Services facilities for planned construction or renovation of existing space with current square footage requirements and efficient staff, supply and patient flow

Unlike conventional operating room consultants that focus only on their experience, we take a unique approach: The Barratt Merit™.

The combination of core knowledge and perioperative experience is also an essential starting point and foundation for us. What’s innovative about our perioperative consulting company is that we then overlay the triple aim of healthcare AND our own trifecta called The Barratt Merit™:

  1. Powerful, Deep-Dive Analytics
  2. A Consensus Building Approach
  3. The Barratt Assurance™ of Sustained Yearlong Support


Perioperative Consulting With Powerful, Proprietary Deep-Dive Analytics

Powerful, Deep-Dive Analytics to Direct Change

We know change can be difficult. Often, everyone involved has a different viewpoint, and the squeakiest (or most tenacious) wheel can ultimately influence a change (or lack of change) in performance or behavior.

At Cheryl Barratt Associates, we leverage our operating room consulting approach and the power of our proprietary deep-dive analytics to “baseline” the current operational and financial challenges and determine the targeted improvement goals.

By applying our vast experience and use of evidenced-based protocols along WITH our fact-based data, we can ease the transformation and help create appropriate, effective, and sustainable change.

Our customized metrics allow our clients to continue to monitor performance results and keep the organization on track.

Perioperative Consulting With a Consensus-Building Approach

Consensus-Building Approach to Lead Change

We recognize the precarious balance of relationships and dynamics in and around the operating room (O.R.).

What’s more, we know that strategic perioperative recommendations alone cannot drive the transformation your organization needs in today’s landscape.

That’s why we’re also change management experts as well as operating room consultants. We lead with a consensus-building approach to help influence attitudinal change as well as behavioral change.

We’ve found this approach to be effective in creating appropriate, effective and sustainable transformation.

Perioperative Consulting With The Barratt Assurance™

The Barratt Assurance to Sustain Change

Did we mention change can be difficult? That’s why we offer The Barratt Assurance™.

Unlike many healthcare consulting firms, we don’t abandon you after the initial consultation period. The “final” report will not be the last time you hear from us.

In fact, The Barratt Assurance™ ensures that we’ll continue to work with you throughout the year. More important, we’ll continue to help remove obstacles, jump hurdles and address barriers to change.

We believe so strongly in the importance of this phase of change management that we put it in writing. You’ll find the yearlong support of The Barratt Assurance™ in all our proposals and contracts.

Hands-on Perioperative Consulting Experience

Additionally, we bring a hands-on approach to each engagement. Our technical knowledge matched with our operating room consulting expertise and the Barratt Merit™ allow each of us to relate to your staff, administration and physicians. In turn, this allows us to impact the organization’s ability to sustain departmental efficiencies.

What’s more, we espouse seven core values. See our  core values at Healthcare Consulting Jobs.

Hands-on Experience + The Barratt Merit™

Our ultimate goal is to help ensure that your organization can adopt and sustain appropriate changes so you can:

  • Continue to serve your community.
  • Achieve optimal patient outcomes with appropriate levels of care and staffing.
  • Enhance the patient, physician and employee experience.
  • Meet your organizational goals.

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